8 Forms Of Visual Marketing To Use In Your Content Marketing Strategy In 2021- Are You Using Any Of Them?

At first let us understand what is a Visual Content. Visual content is a form of content which is which is primarily image based. Now what are the common form of visual content :

  1. Images/ pictures
  2. Diagrams
  3. Charts
  4. Infographics
  5. Videos
  6. Screenshots
  7. Memes and
  8. Slide decks.
Forms of visual content
Various forms of visual content.

Why Visual Form Of Content Marketing Is Important?

Visual marketing is the field of study, studying the effect of an item, its surrounding environment and its associated visual image on the consumer’s decision to purchase it. Understanding human psychology and visual psychology is crucial in this field because people are visual creatures. The subject mostly studies marketing practices that have been successful in the past as well as those that are less so. This includes factors such as brand design, advertising and promotion as well as sales techniques

Visual form of content marketing is important for the following reasons:

1. 90 percent of the information received and processed by our brain is in the visual form.

2. Brain can process visual form of information 60 thousand times faster than text information.

3. Visual form of marketing is very effective in getting backlinks, social shares and traffic.

Here are some techniques you can use in your visual marketing form.

  1. Use Data -driven visuals to give your users an easy way to comprehend your messages. You can share your messages using charts and graphs. Data driven visuals get more shares as per Quick Sprout.
  2. Creating an image of an influencer with his quote is another way to spread your messages.
  3. Infographics is also another powerful way to spread your message or get social shares. It would also contribute to site traffic, bank links and social media shares.
  4. Are you using animated infographics known as Gifographics. Here you can use both animated and static images.
  5. You can also use GIF’s to spread your message. The advantages of GIF is that it is easy to consume and get shares in social media. It also has an emotional part attached to it.

There are a wide range of data visualization tools out there for your use. Whilst some people might prefer to start totally from scratch–tools aren’t without their benefits. Those with a minimal design background will be able to create something on par with an experienced design guru–and even folks with a little more creative experience in their arsenal might prefer a tool for the time-saving properties it will hold.

It wasn’t the data visualization alone that helped us strike gold, however. A ton of manic promotion went on to make sure the visualization got as much exposure as possible.

Read the full article here.

Data visuals
Data driven visuals get more social shares.

Visual content gets lots of attraction thereby engaging your visitors with your brand/content. One of the important factor to give a visual appeal to your content is by making videos. As each and everybody is producing videos you have to make your videos stand out from the crowed by making your social media images into artwork. There is an app called Quickart which applies artistic patterns, filters and effects to create a memorable visual content. To give more visual appeal to your images you have to repurpose your images.

As our brain process images 60 thousand times faster, promote your brand using images.

An emotional image attracts immediate attention, and is actually processed in a prioritized manner. As we respond to faces, we look for emotion in others to influence our own behaviours. Recognising facial expressions is ingrained in us and are universally read across cultures.

When we try to remember something, a picture always comes to mind. We evolved for images, not words so it is natural to tie an image to a memory.

Read the full article here.

As videos play a very important part in spreading your brand / images you can take the help of AI driven video producing software for video production. Here are some of the advantages of using this software.

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  • 112,000,000+ royalty-free Images or upload your own images.
  • 14 Text-To-Speech Voices. You can also add your own voice or upload any professional voice over which you have made. Content Samurai would automatically sync it with your video. If needed you can do minor adjustments.

Over 100 professionally designed Templates. No need to go with the pre-made templates you can change them including background image and fonts.

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Let your videos talk 1
Let Your Videos Do The Talking


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