Online Learning To Increase Knowledge- It’s advantages and disadvantages.

Update your skills
Update your skills

Online learning is a broad term that encompasses a variety of learning environments and methods. This type of learning generally doesn’t occur in the classroom where students sit in an assigned chair and participate in a teacher-led lesson. Instead, these types of course offerings are offered online in the form of multimedia lessons and multimedia lectures. Students are provided with lectures and various content to listen to, watch, and download for learning. Students may also be provided with assignments and tasks to complete and are then given a set time period to complete the coursework and final exams. But in this pandemic situation things have changed a lot and remote learning or learning home became the way to increase one’s skill.

In today’s environment every business professional irrespective of their field of expertise should have some coding knowledge. There are many sites which would help you to learn coding.

The Complete Computer Programmer Super Bundle features over 120 hours of content on technical skills such as coding, data analytics, and IoT (internet of things.) These courses are led by top-rated instructors who have decades of experience in their field. For instance, three of these courses are led by Mashrur Hossain, a technology professional and entrepreneur who teaches programming fundamentals, web application development, machine learning, and cybersecurity and has taught over 100,000 students to date.

From here, you can supplement your programming knowledge with languages like JavaScript, C#, and Ruby. If you’re more interested in data science, the SQL Masterclass: SQL for Data Analytics will show you how to leverage SQL to do so.

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We all know coding related jobs are of great demand in the job market. Data science and software development job’s are in need of the hour.

you may have heard of Python, one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Its uses range from data analysis to AI and machine learning, and its code is used by companies like Google, Reddit, Wikipedia, Amazon, Instagram, Spotify, and many more.

Luckily, there are many online resources to get started in learning about Python, from relatively short, free introductions to months-long intensive (yet comparatively affordable) certificate programs.

Many are offered by prestigious universities like MIT, Harvard, UPenn, and the University of Michigan, or by top companies like Google or IBM, giving online students access to lessons and projects that can help them work towards a future career in Python development.

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Start learning
Start learning.

Some online courses are purely online learning. Some instructors use video conferencing or email to deliver lectures and lessons. Instructors can set up individual online classrooms for students and assign them homework via email, making it easy to stay in touch with your most difficult students. Online learning is a good option for students who need a fast turnaround on their studies or for people who would prefer to keep their classroom experience strictly online. Some courses can also be used in a traditional classroom situation, but this option usually carries more risk of distraction than an online classroom. If you any particular skill you can too produce online classes on platform like Skillshare, Udemy etc.

Even if you might not be able to teach the way you would like to, focusing on the learning objectives means that you are always keeping the results in mind. Online teaching requires even more focus on the student. This overview lists some simple tips and recommendations to assist teachers in providing a successful student-centered learning experience.

Here are 10 student centered remote learning tips.

In an online environment, personal connections quickly get lost. Make an extra effort to get to know your students at the beginning of each new course. Create a personal, group environment with a convivial starter activity where students set off with an introductory question or quiz related to themselves and the subject matter. Include interaction, reflection, opinions via activities related to the topic that stimulate thought and curiosity. 

In an online teaching environment,  avoid one-way communication. Students feel more engaged if they asked to self-assess and participate in the  evaluation proccess. Why should the teacher be the only one to determine scores and success? Students can be invited to contribute to the steering of the course direction, get more involved in group work and evaluate each other’s performances. 

Make the students actively responsible for contributing to the online class content. Similar to point 3, create learning options for students to choose from, ask for ideas and input by stimulating discussions, group work and peer support. Do not make everything static. In an “open environment”, there is more room for flexibility, creativity and exchange. A positive atmosphere enhances student experience and learning outcomes. 

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Lots of companies are encouraging employees to develop/ enhance new skills using online education platform. Here are some of the skills which are in demand like communication skill , leadership skills and productivity skills

For more traditional soft skills that apply to the workplace, employees were most eager to improve their communication, leadership and productivity chops.

“In a year where we’re all searching for ways to relate to each other and feel connected during uncertainty, it’s completely understandable why listening would be one of the most sought-after skills,”

Additionally, employees increasingly sought out leadership classes to improve their decision-making skills, particularly in a year that tested everyone’s adaptability to new ways of leading and responding to rapidly changing realities during the pandemic

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Artificial intelligence, also known as artificial intelligence or cognitive computing, refers to a new era of computer science that seeks to solve human problems by means of complex algorithms and machine-assisted decision making processes. Artificial intelligence is intelligence manifested by machines, unlike human intelligence which involves emotionality and subjective awareness. The difference between the human and the Machine intelligence can be illustrated by the commonly used acronym, intelligence is determined.

Many of today’s most exciting technologies have artificial intelligence to thank. Think personalised Netflix queues, self-driving cars, and this app that blurs out the faces of protestors. For those who want to break into this lucrative field, don’t fret. Instead, turn to an online resource like this Artificial Intelligence Scientist Certification Bundle. Featuring four courses, this bundle will teach you the basics of how to become a certified tech professional and use key coding tools, such as Python and Tensorflow.

This course will be your guide to understanding the basics of Python and R, two key programming languages used for data science, statistical analysis, and of course, machine learning. With 40 hours worth of content, including 284 lectures, you’ll get a step-by-step guide through the world of machine learning taught by two AI veterans.

Deep learning is at the heart of AI, and this course uses real-world data sets to provide an in-depth intro to the field. Deep learning is inspired by the brain and relies on the creation of artificial neural networks. This course will help you apply these networks through coding via 180 lectures. 

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Looking for best online learning platform to enhance your knowledge. As per review Udacity has received a score of 9.8.

It’s no secret that people judge an e-learning platform (or any other website, for that matter) based on how easy and intuitive it is to use. Sure, after some time, the criteria for a “good / bad” site become much more in-depth and specific, but first impressions still matter a whole lot.

Udacity has a couple of unique features, namely the Udacity Nanodegree and the Udacity Nanodegree Plus. Since there are many people that question “is Udacity Nanodegree worth it?” and are looking for Udacity Nanodegree Plus reviews, these features are worth exploring a bit further.

EDX received a review score of 9.4.

If you’re interested in university-level online courses, edX is probably going to pop up on your radar once or twice every once in a while. In order to decide whether or not the platform is worth your attention, you might want to check out a few reviews.

Datacamp received a review score of 9.6

Are you looking for online courses related to the R programming language and technology?

The site specializes almost solemnly on courses that revolve around the topics of data science and R programming. As they themselves state, more than 90% of the world’s data has been created in the past two years – this means that there’s a need for data-savvy specialists now more than ever before.

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Do you know about Skillshop- it gives you free training to use Google tools.

Learn how to use your free Google My Business to create listings that will stand out when customers search online. Take all the courses, pass the Assessment, and earn an Achievement to display on your profile.

Visit this link to learn more.

You can also look into Century-tech which is an AI powered education tool which would help you to identify the knowledge gaps.

CENTURY is the tried and tested intelligent intervention tool that combines learning science, AI and neuroscience.

Visit this link to learn more.


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