How To Use Content Marketing For Generating Leads?

content repurpose
Content repurpose

Are you using AI for generating leads increasing your brand visualization.

PreBuilt Marketing AI has launched its newest product, AIMIsocial – the world’s first Free social media marketing artificial intelligence (AI) app that writes and builds an entirely curated social media calendar in seconds. Timely and informational social posts for each day of the month can be created

This app is free to use on iOS and Android enabled devices.

In these unprecedented times, where small businesses face unique challenges, most can no longer afford expensive digital marketing experts to handle their social media marketing content creation and posting to keep their doors open. Using the power of Artificial Intelligence is especially crucial to them now to manage their business through the COVID-19 pandemic and long into the future.

Most small business owners don’t know how to write content, are not marketers, or don’t have the time to learn how, so they have marketing tools they don’t use effectively or use at all.

AIMIsocial has been built using machine learning to create custom editorial calendars for over 30
industries and counting, such as Health & Wellness, Beauty, Fashion, Real Estate, Restaurant, Travel, and
so much more.
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Linkedln is a very good and useful platform for getting connected and generating leads. Here are the 10 ways how you can boost your linkedin presence. Are you posting posting regularly?

Through my research at Onalytica we’ve found that influencers who post more than 50 times a month on LinkedIn see an average of 26 engagements per post, while those who post between 30-50 times a month see an average of 56 engagements, and those who post less than 30 times see even more engagement, on average. 

Do not use lots of automation when posting in linkedln as I think that a personal touch is always helpful in the long run.

Research shows that articles with images get 94% more total views. It’s not just including images though, you can also add videos, slides, or podcasts to a post – or even documents, which LinkedIn added back in 2019.

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Want to get more eyeballs into your contents, then use social media. Here are 8 ways to use social marketing for your advantage.

A business that posts consistently on social media channels has better chances of being recognized by its audience. Posting consistently makes your audience remember your brand. It also becomes easy to manage social media channels, creating more opportunities for business.

People don’t have relationships with products, they are loyal to brands. Don’t forget to create engaging content for your business on social media as a constant reminder of this connection.

Are you using videos to market your contents?

If you want to engage your audience quickly and grab their attention, then you should use video content as a strategy. This is because more people now view video content online than ever before.

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Research and find out the time when your viewers are active on social media.

Knowing the best time to post is an art to master when on social media. Do remember that time of posting varies from business to business, depending on the time when your audience is active.

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Creating fresh and unique content is always difficult. Now you can also repurpose your existing content.

As I mentioned above, content repurposing might feel like a cop-out if you’re unfamiliar with the strategy. You don’t want your audiences to feel like your content is repetitive, or that you don’t care about creating unique content on every channel. You also may think that content repurposing means taking something that someone else has created and reworking it to fit your brand message. Content repurposing is neither of these things. You’re not being repetitive, you’re using content you and your teams have purposely created, giving it new life, and ensuring that all segments of your audience can gain value from what you have to offer.

When repurposing old content, or creating new content with repurposing in mind, you’re saving yourself time. You already have the data to point you towards high-performing pieces of content to reshape and redistribute, or you’re already in the process of creating a blog post that you know will do well as a podcast episode, quote snippet on your Instagram account, or part of an E book collection. Repurposing content can also potentially give you an SEO boost.

For repurposing the content we can also use YouTube video and Slide share, creating an infographic or an e-book.

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