What Is Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing
Content Marketing Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes new Internet marketers make is jumping into marketing with too much focus on one single form of traffic generation. If you’re trying to make money online through content marketing, you need to diversify your efforts and work on getting a variety of forms of traffic coming to your website. Content marketing is nearly impossible to succeed with if you only utilize one form of promotion. This is one of the major reasons why many people end up failing in their online businesses. Content marketing is about more than just writing, it’s about finding ways to share useful information with others, so that they can get value from your efforts.

Are you creating a content strategy which would help you to connect with your audience in every stages of your journey. This would help you to get lead and sales.

Once they discover your business, they become product aware. This is a stage before they make a purchase because they are still weighing their options.When they make a purchase, their awareness shifts again. They now become aware of your product or service, but this time from a user’s perspective.Understanding this journey will help you create a clear, actionable strategy to convert users at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

The key to creating a winning strategy is to create different content for each stage of the buyer’s journey. The reason should be obvious. Your buyer has different concerns and interests at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Sending the wrong message at the wrong time is likely to either be ignored or might even turn your prospects away.

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Are you getting others to get involved in your content marketing. They may be anybody like your co-workers, customers – how helpful your product or service to them. You can also involve your children to show their creativity in your content journey. Here is an article which help you in this respect.

Children have been many of our co-workers for a year now. Why not enlist them to help with content creation?

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Points to be noted when you are starting your B2B journey.

B2B market
Business to Business marketing.

In this article you would know the importance of educating your clients to bring the true value of your service that would help your customers. If you are using the E-mail, your mails should be tailored towards solving their problems.

Marketing to consumers is going to be far different than marketing to other businesses/organizations. Budgets might be similar but usually, B2B marketing is more targeted.

A company offering corporate accounting services does not have to reach a large demographic. What they do have to do is reach businesses that are in need of their services. The cost per client acquisition is going to be higher as landing clients will be far more profitable than landing an individual consumer.

Avoid sending out too many emails or promotions as annoying a client is a quick way to be considered a spammer

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As mentioned earlier, quality content marketing is extremely important, but so is viral marketing. It’s important that you take your chosen social media marketing strategy and incorporate it into everything that you do online. For example, if you’re using article marketing to build your list, you want to make sure that you’re always writing quality articles and providing your visitors with valuable information.

Are you taking care of your webinar mistakes.

If you are trying to build and attract your customers through Webinar here are some of the points to look into like making your webinar interactive, having a well designed presentation.

Another webinar mistake to avoid is not respecting your attendee’s time.The simplest and most effective way to avoid this one is to start and end your webinar on time.This means if you include a live Q&A at the end of your presentation, be sure to end your presentation portion early enough to squeeze it in.After all, your attendees have carved out a chunk of their day to listen to your webinar, and if that includes the perk of a Q&A, then include it inside the designated duration of your entire webinar. Rehearse your presentation, so you know how long to allow for your Q&A.

One of the more lethal webinar mistakes is coming off as too salesy during your presentation.This can be an easy mistake to make, given that only 17% of salespeople see themselves as pushy, while a whopping 50% of prospective customers think they’re coming on too strong.

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Are you taking advantage of Google My Business to spread your business

You can now use Google My business to spread your content. If your business cater to local market then your content strategy would be focused in that direction.

Did you know, on average, businesses receive 943 Search views and 317 Maps views each month?This data, from a 2019 Bright Local study of 45,000 anonymous local business listings, shows there is a great opportunity to get more views, clicks, and actions as a result of your localized content.

Consider using Google tracked links in your posts to more accurately report clicks and engagements right in Google Analytics.Google My Business helps digital marketers get views on their content without having to wait for Google to rank it in the top ten search engine results.The benefits of posting on Google My Business go beyond acquiring views and clicks on your latest content.

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content marketing strategy
Content marketing strategy

What are the Marketing channels to use in 2021.

Using marketing channels effectively in the year 2021 would be our prime responsibility in spreading our message.

If you’re not intentional about your marketing, precious time and money can be wasted on the wrong channels. The reality is that there are an overwhelming amount of options when it comes to marketing opportunities. Identifying which marketing channels to invest in starts by asking the right questions. 

Who is your customer audience? What apps do they use? How do they commute? What media do they consume? Knowing the habits of your user is a very important piece of the puzzle.

Another important part is evaluating the KPIs for each channel. How well does the channel work? Is it working as promised? Are you seeing results? These questions uncover issues that either need tool re-calibration or replacing it with a new one.

Audiences are everywhere. Marketing channels allow businesses to communicate with consumers every day. Finding your target audience means understanding the channels they are more likely to come into regular contact with.

Determining the right mode of communication with your customers is very important and at the same time to find in which channel your would find most of your customers.

Carefully evaluating your position is how you avoid wasting time and money. It’s tempting to follow the hot new fad or try to copy your competition, but it’s important to stay focused on what’s best for your unique business

Gather all performance data for all your current channels (digital and analog). The focus should be on actionable insights versus vanity metrics.

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Is your content marketing saying enough about you or how you are marketing yourself.

Instead of a Super Bowl ad, Planters launched a year-long content and cause marketing initiative to give away the $5 million it would have spent. The idea is to recognize people (and organizations) who commit “little acts of extraordinary substance help make the world a better place,” as the video explains.

When your brand is doing something good, don’t just announce it in a post or two. Use the opportunity to create an ongoing conversation.

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Finally, the last component of any content marketing strategy is attracting a profitable customer action. A profitable customer action occurs when you convince your audience to take a specific action. When it comes to drawing in customers, it’s very important to remember that you have to get them to engage with you before you can convert them into paying customers. You have to convince them to follow a link, fill out a form or purchase a product. This is why content marketing is so important because it allows you to build trust with your audience and eventually earn their trust and loyalty.


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